John Willis’ Screen World!

September 19, 2008

I haven’t seen any movies lately that I wanted to blog about. But in working on other projects, I came across a book I had lying around that I really love: SCREEN WORLD – John Willis’ 1974 Film Annual.

The bookstore I bought it from (years ago now) had several old copies, an entire collection from the sixties and seventies, but I could only afford a couple at the time, so I purchased a copy of “Screen World” and a copy of “Theater World”. Of course when I went back to buy the rest, somebody had scooped them all up. I’ve misplaced that copy of John Willis’ “Theater World” and I can’t remember the year it was published, but I do remember a picture of Clarence Williams III in an off Broadway play in it, so I’m thinking late sixties early seventies.

Anyway, these annuals have great photos in them, and since I don’t have any movies that are inspiring me to write about, I think I’ll post some of these great images instead.

This particular issue was dedicated to Joan Crawford for some reason.

I remember being struck by this page of a movie called “Pay Day”. It’s got a striking looking Rip Torn in it. Never heard of the movie.

There’s also a series of photos labeled: Promising Personalities of 1973. What happened to these people?

I was also struck by the obituary section. A number of big stars, producers and directors died in 1973.

Joe E. Brown

Lon Chaney, Jr.

Noel Coward

Bobby Darin

John Ford

Arthur Freed

Betty Grable

Laurence Harvey

Arthur P. Jacobs

Sam Katzman

Veronica Lake

Bruce Lee

Jack MacGowran

Edward G. Robinson

Robert Ryan

Also mentioned:

Sidney Blackmer (Roman Castevetes from Rosemary’s Baby)

Diana Sands (A Raisin In The sun)

More photos to come!